Puerto Rico Single Ply Roofing (PVC,TPO)

Single Ply Roofing - Thermoplastic membrane roofs are roofing assemblies formed with reinforced and unreinforced thermoplastic membranes. They include ballasted, fully adhered, and mechanically attached installations.

Single-ply roofing is a flexible or semi-flexible pre-manufactured membrane typically made of rubber or plastic materials.

Single-ply roofing comes in large rolls and must be glued or mechanically fastened to a roof, and sealed at all seams. This is in contrast to other roofing, typically known as Built-Up Roofs BUR, which utilize hot asphalt and other hazardous components as the roof is constructed in place. The three major categories of single-ply membranes are Thermosets, Thermoplastics and Modified Bitumens.

Roofs are often neglected until they leak. If you keep up on routine roof maintenance, you can extend the life of your roof.

Puerto Rico roofing contractors can fix roof leaks, hail or storm damage. Find a local Puerto Rico roofer to help you with all your roof repair needs.

Got a leaky roof? Consider roof coatings.

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